Here’s How You Can Discover Your Life Purpose, Amplify Your Abundance and Become A Manifesting Master as a Member of Moon Magic Monthly.


Join Certified Moonologer & Intuitive Astrologer Tricia Duffy Foggo and Reiki Master Jenna Partridge Twice Each Month For Unique & Customized Insights To Help YOU Manifest YOUR Most Miraculous LifeEVER!


In Moon Magic Monthly, members gather together and learn how to tune into the innate power of the Moon & stars… so you can create your biggest life, one New Moon and one Full Moon at a time. 

Whether you're new to working with the Moon or already an advanced expert, you will discover bespoke, unique and customized  insights every month which you can use to amplify your manifesting powers.


Here’s how it works:

Every month, Moon Magic Monthly Members will gather on Zoom for the two most powerful days of every month – the New Moon and the Full Moon.

  • We will set intentions at each New Moon
  • Release energy and blocks at every Full Moon.

But even that’s just the start...

You will benefit from customized & bespoke advice each month – so you can identify the very best (and worst!) days for you to set intentions, take inspired action, start a new project, create money… and more.

Imagine – unlike other groups, there is NO “generic” advice. Everything is tailored to you – and for you – based on your unique date of birth, sun and moon signs. This alone is priceless!

Plus, you’ll be guided into a Higher Vibration each session, thanks to “Done For You” Meditations, Guided Creative Visualizations… and even a relaxing & rejuvenating customized distance Reiki Session on each call.

By the end of each Moon Magic Monthly session, you will feel reinvigorated and inspired – and have the CERTAINTY of knowing exactly when the best moments are for you to make your moves & achieve your dreams, each month.

This is the perfect place to start (or develop!) your adventures in Moon Manifesting. The Spiritual Growth, Abundance, Self Belief, Passion & Purpose you’ll create will fill you with joy and meaning.


When you get in tune with the moon, magic happens... Join us and discover the power for yourself.

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Join us and discover the power for yourself…


You will love gathering for 60 -90 minutes together on Zoom twice a month, for each New Moon and Full Moon, where you will enjoy being guided into a higher vibration by:

  • Getting centered with a short meditation to get grounded and receptive 
  • Understand the theme for each New and Full Moon - focusing on learning about the energy of that Moon and how it interacts with us
  • Set intentions at the New Moon 
  • Release and forgive at the Full Moon
  • Get into a relaxed & higher Vibration as we move into the guided Meditation - helping you to slow down and move into the receptive mode
  • Move into your relaxing and rejuvenating customized distance Reiki Session - waking up with clarity & ready to take those inspired steps having released old energetic blocks


By the end of each Moon Magic Monthly session you will feel invigorated and inspired and have the certainty of knowing exactly when the best moments are for you to make your moves and achieve your dreams each and every month!! 


We don’t stop there though!

You’ll have access to the Private Facebook group:

  • Playing with the others in the community as we get in tune to the innate power of the moon and stars together!
  • You’ll have access to YOUR OWN Moonologer and Intuitive Astrologer - and Reiki Master &  Mindset Calibration Guide each step along the way!
  • Daily Astro Blast- a voice note delivered to you on WhatsApp each morning that keeps you abreast of the daily astrological energies as well as the moon phase.
  • It’s a loving, welcoming, safe place for you to explore and play with personalized Moonology & Astrology, practical spirituality, mindset & energetic shifts to create your own magical experience in today’s world. 

As you move through the months you will nurture and raise your consciousness & spiritual energy. You holistically become more conscious and elevated and guess what! The outside world doesn’t negatively impact you as much!


You get all of this (AND MORE!) for a year as a single payment of $395 or 12 low monthly payments of $44!


There's more!

  • Each month you will receive a beautiful journal to print out with a daily Moon Calendar & daily journal pages that have affirmations and self care rituals & suggestions. What a fun way to keep track of the amazing things that you are manifesting into your world with the fun and ease of this supportive group! 
  • You also will have access to the private members area where you will find the recordings and extra goodies. 


It gets even better!

Jump in now and you will get these gifts instantly!


YES! You’ll receive INSTANT access to Tricia’s Sun Sign Guide where you will 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself- based on your date of birth.
  •  Understand your friends, family, lover, neighbors and work colleagues better and impress them with your knowledge!
  • Want to know the "magic power words" for each sign? Check out "Key Words"! You will resonate instantly and immediately understand what your Sun Sign's superpower is!
  • Want to know the "erogenous zones" for each Sun Sign? Check out which body parts are ruled by each sign!
  • Want to know which celebrities share your Sun Sign? Check out "Personalities"!
  • All this and so much more waiting for you inside! (A $37 value)

AND.. also receive INSTANT access to Jenna’s acclaimed Inspirational Planner System bringing the fun and creativity back into your projects, resolutions and goals. It includes a PDF to print and a video to guide you each step along the way. Even enjoy a client favorite "The Bubble of Awesomeness" guided meditation and mini Reiki session before playing and creating YOUR own Inspirational Planner. (A $37 value) 



Remember! Space is limited in our fun and cozy Moon Magic Monthly community so don’t hesitate... 


Choose your best option below and we look forward seeing you there! 

Annual Subscription Masterclass Special: Single Payment $495  $395 

Receive everything stated above PLUS get as a bonus:

  • 12 Month Moon Report ($175 value!) Receive information  specific to YOU for each Moon showing you where to put your energy & attention
  • Mindset Calibration Reiki Session ($222 value!) work 1:1 with Jenna for 65-75 minutes - shifting your focus from stressed out to what you want to see/feel more of in your day. Get personalized tricks & tips to get lasting results. Enjoy a guided meditation before moving into YOUR distance Reiki session all thru Zoom. Wake feeling refreshed & inspired to take action after clearing away energetic blocks.
  • Instant Access to Tricia's Sun Signs Guide
  • Instant Access to  Jenna's Inspirational Planner System  & 2 hour training video
  • Instant access to the private Member's Area
  • Access to the Moon Magic Monthly Facebook Community 
  • PLUS!  Members get discounts to work 1:1 with Tricia & Jenna throughout the year!
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Easy Monthly Payment $44



  • Instant Access to Tricia's Sun Signs Guide
  • Instant Access to  Jenna's Inspirational Planner System  & 2 hour training video
  • Instant access to the private Member's Area
  • Access to the Moon Magic Monthly Facebook Community
  • PLUS!  Members get discounts to work 1:1 with Tricia & Jenna throughout the year!
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A Single Gathering -  Trial Run

One Single Payment of $18 

 You will receive access to the next upcoming New Moon or Full Moon Gathering on Zoom..


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Hi! It's Tricia, from Bermuda Fog Astrology!

I am an Intuitive Astrologer based on the island of Bermuda. I am also a certified Moonologer© and an Infinite Possibilities Trainer. I have a lot of Fire in my chart, that means I have a lot of energy and I need to keep moving! If I am not swimming, snorkeling, running, biking, jumping rope, dancing or playing tennis- my passion is to delve deep into natal charts and guide people on a journey of self discovery. I  am happy to provide Readings and Consultations in several areas: Natal Chart, Solar Return (Your Birthday Reading), Synastry (Relationship Astrology), 12-Month Moon Reading and children's charts.

Hi! I’m Jenna from Floating thru Life - Holistic Stress Reduction for a virtual world. 

As a Reiki Master and Mindset Calibration Guide, I have been helping clients around the world  dramatically raise their vibration since graduating from the  Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2017.  I love guiding clients in calibrating from the stressful energies of fears, doubts and worries to higher vibrational emotions like  clarity, peace, happiness and appreciation. Using a combination of coaching, mindset  shifts and distance Reiki, clients leave the session feeling refreshed, focused, empowered and excited to share the fun synchronicities that liven up each day.


"My session with Tricia was very informative and insightful. She’s a lovely person and I really enjoyed working with her on interpreting my birth chart. I definitely recommend her to those looking for astrology services."

AM (Mumbai, India)



“Regular sessions with Jenna has helped increase my positivity and grounded me in these turbulent times of the world and my life. Each session has resulted in growth and understanding that could have taken me a lifetime to reach had I done it on my own. The positive connection I feel in the world around me and the lives in it are due in great part to Jenna’s abilities. I have genuine thankfulness for the Universe’s reasons. Looking forward to continued success. Thank you Jenna!”


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